DIY Jewelry Holder

29 August 2014

I wanted to redecorate my room a little bit and add some new decor to it. So I've decided to do a DIY project - jewelry holder. Girls love jewelry and have tons of cute earrings, necklaces, rings, but no space for it. Well I have a solution. You have 2 options:
you can go to your nearest store and buy a really expensive jewelry holder or you can do what I did - make your own. It's easy, trust me. 

Final look: 

 If you want to recreate this DIY, then follow the steps listed down below:

 1) Buy a small plate and a figure of your choice

The first thing that you'll  need is a small plate (I didn't find one, so I just bought a flower shaped ceramic holder - which is almost the same thing). You can pick any size of plate (but i prefer the small one).  
The second thing that you'll need is a figure of your choice (it can be a buddha, giraffe, elephant or whatever you like).

If you've found the plate and the figure that suits you,you don't have to do the next step. 

 2) |optional| spray paint your plate and a figure

I didn't like the color of my plate and Buddha figure, so I decided to spray paint it gold (addicted to gold).
If you decide to do this step then be careful with spray painting (do it outside on then grass, because paint gets everywhere, seriously). Spray paint your plate and figure in 2 layers and let each layer dry before you paint it again or otherwise it will be sticky and you'll destroy it.
For this step you can either use a spray paint or a paint marker.

3) Use a hot glue gun 

Let your plate and figure to dry for a few hours and then take your hot glue gun (or any other strong glue) and glue the
figure to the middle of the plate. After that let everything to dry.

And you are all done ! You have a new DIY jewelry holder ! :)