DIY Paint Chip Calendar

21 October 2014

I guess we can say that this is a little bit late back to school DIY blog post but since some of you are still getting ready for a new school year, I decided that I should do a new project for organizing your school schedule a little bit. 
If you want to be organized all year round then this diy is right for you and it's totally cheap – you'll see, but first lets get started :)

Thing's that you'll need:
1)      Frame (31x25 cm – is the best size)
2)      Paint chip layout
3)      Washi tape
4)      Eraser marker
5)      White paper (2x)

Buy a frame of your choice. I recommend picking a 31x25 size and I also recommend that you pick a black frame color, but it's up to you :)  This particular frame has cost me about 2,50 € in JYSK. It is poor quality but totally OK for a diy. 

Set your printer's properties on high/best quality and print out the paint chip layout on a plain white paper.

If you want to use the same layout as I did, then you can download it here:

Because our frame is a little bit bigger than the printed layout we need one more paper to fill up the empty space. 
Tape the second white paper on the back side of the layout. This white space is very boring and it doesn't look nice so now it's time for washi tape. Take a washi tape of your choice and fill up the empty space. Now you can put these two papers into the frame, positioning it so that there are no empty spaces seen.

Use a eraser marker to write the name of the month on the glass and number the days appropriately according to the month. If you make any mistakes then use a sponge to clear that up. 

And you are all done. You can now be organized all year round and you also saved a lot of money, because I know that these kind of calendars would cost you about 10 € in stores :) 
I hope that you like this diy and be sure to recreate it if you want :) I believe that it's very simple and cute
Enjoy :)