Quick and easy DIY Chanel n05 Makeup Holder

31 October 2014

I saw this idea on We ❤ It and I decided to recreate it. It' very easy, simple and quick plus it looks very cute on your night stand or on your makeup desk. It's a nice way to replace your old makeup holder :) 

What you'll need: 
1) Square glass cup
2) Chanel n05 label (download my layout here)
3) Double-sided tape

1) Buy a square glass cup (pick any size you want, my layout is made for small or big drinking glasses)
2) Print out my layout so it will fit on your square glass cup
3) Use a double sided tape to tape a label onto the glass 

That's it ! Just put your makeup brushes, mascaras, pencils or anything else inside and place it anywhere you want