DIY glitter box

1 December 2015

Hello my lovely readers or should I say DIY-ers? If you are reading this post, then I suppose you are an artsy person, who loves glitter and diys. If that's true, you are in a right place.
I haven't posted a diy post for a long time and I'm sorry for that. But things have changed and you'll be seeing lots of crafty projects here on my blog. Today I wanted to show you a simple way of decorating a plain, old box and making it look beautiful. Enough of words, let's start !

♡ White acrylic paint
♡ Paint brush
♡ Paint palette
♡ Tape
♡ Wooden box
♡ Adhesive glitter tape


1) Use the adhesive glitter tape and tape it all around the box like shown in the picture
2) Trim the tape on the corners so you can fold it beneath the box
3) Use another tape to cover the upper part of the box, with that you will protect the upper part from  accidentally painting it with paint
4) Paint the box with white acrylic paint (I added a few coats)
5) Let it dry and afterwards just remove the yellow tape and you are all done !

You can put basically anything into this box, but I decided for perfumes, because the whole thing looks so gorgeous on my shelf :)

That's all for today's post, let me know what you think of this diy in the comments down below ♡